Monday, June 14, 2010

Tour de Cure Palo Alto

Meet: Hewlett Packard Hanover Rd. (Pagemill Rd.) Palo Alto June 13 2010 8:00am 45 miles. Link: Tour de Cure Palo Alto


Renato said...

Bosing to follow lang ako .Maybe will meet at canada

Junior Council said...

Garrrgeous day! Nice day for a ride, but boy, was it hot !! I just missed you guys, so, ride leader, please leave your contact number on the blog. Tony, my man, if you haven't noticed yet you've got some red stains on your warmer!

conrad said...

It was a pleasure riding with you guys! Thank you for the opportunity. Hopefully soon, we will be able to ride with you guys again. Maramiong salamat uli!