Sunday, September 12, 2010

3rd Siclista Classic

3rd Siclista Classic 12Sept10

View of Siclista KOM Summit Finish at Sierra Road, San Jose Category 1 Climb.

OUR formal invitation to TROPA, LUZVIMIN, F.A.C.T., ADOBO VELO, MIRA MESA, TRACY RIDERS & Filipino cyclist and friends.

3rd Siclista Classic.
Mark this date on your calendar: Sept 12 2010 Sun.
Fun ride only
brisk 16-20mph pace. Optional KOM Race: Starts at the bottom of Sierra Rd. with summit finish. Trophies for the top finishers.
Siclista Fiesta after the ride at Fremont Central Park. Ride Route:
A figure 8 loop. 54.3 miles, Starts clockwise from Mission Blvd. to Nile Canyon Rd. Calaveras Rd., Turn left counter clockwise Piedmont to Sierra Rd. Roll Time: 8:00 Sharp.
Option for those who doesn't want to do the Sierra Category 1 Climb, from Calaveras turn right to Evans.
We also need headcount of riders attending so we can estimate our food preparation, please use comment section for your group headcount. We really appreciate if you can.
Direction link:
Fremont Central Park 1400 Stevenson Blvd Fremont CA 94538
Follow instruction below after opening map of Fremont Central Park.Get directions: click "To here" enter where you're coming from, then Go. Find lodging: click "Search nearby" enter "lodging" then Search.

Ride Route (View larger map for details)

View 3rd Siclista Classic in a larger map


Sonny F. said...

Im participating with 2 friends..Sonny Ouano thanks...

Sonny F. said...

anything we need to interested in getting the siclista kit is there any available on sunday? thanks..

Rodge said...

After the Siclista Classic we are going to post and start the new orders for the kits.

Lee said...

I will be visiting family in Pleasanton and plan to join the ride with a friend.
Lee Millon

rene a said...

Hi my freinds and I would like to join the ride on Sunday (rene alona, frankie albelda, gil ramos) thank you. this is our first time to ride with you, do we need to fill up and sign the waiver before hand?

Al said...

19 riders from Tracy will be riding in the Siclista Classic

SiNielito said...


Please forewarn riders when descending from top of Sierra to Felton. The road has been repaved for the winter and there are lots of loose gravel on the road and it is not smooth at all. I road it yesterday and I had to slow down considerably.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to riding with you guys this Sunday and I'll be bringing Dinuguan.


kid kulaki! said...

Yikes! sorry i can't make it tomorrow, i need to work, i will miss the FUN!!!

have fun guys and be safe!....