Friday, September 17, 2010

Email to Siclista

From: Lee Millon
To: jack.ibagbaga@; dbolloso@;
Sent: Mon, September 13, 2010 8:50:48 AM
Subject: Siclista Classic 2010 -- Thank you!

Hello Siclistas,

I got your email info from the Siclistas Blog. I was in the area visiting family in Pleasanton and very glad that I joined your wonderful ride yesterday. It was my first ever Siclistas ride and I was very impressed with your organization and selfless volunteers! I had never ridden any part of the course it's great to discover some great new roads to ride. Thanks especially to Jun Bolloso who helped me out a lot by taking some unnecessary items I carried in my pockets back to Fremont. I had no idea that the ride would be so well supported so I stuffed my jersey pockets with lots of food and extra water bottle. It was a pleasant surprise to see a banquet laid out at the top of the Calaveras Hill. Jun kindly took all my extra food, bottles and clothing I shed as it warmed up.

I'm not sure if I met you yesterday or not. I met several folks at the post ride fiesta but unfortunately did not trade contact info with anyone except Jun Bolloso. There were also two gentlemen (SAG support crew) who were interested about my Paris Brest Paris Jersey (PBP) and asked about that ride. Again I'm sorry but I did not catch their name. I believe one of them rode with Jun (Tony?). I would like to send them and others who may be interested in that event. It is held every 4 years and 2011 will be a PBP year.

Please pass my contact info on to those who were interested in PBP Tony(?) and the rider second from the right wearing the Banesto jersey in this pic He is also in this pic sitting across from Jun.

I've been looking at the great pics already on your blog and saw myself in several of them! The pic below is from the post in Justin's Blog I think about the 30th pic down after the video. -- that's me finishing 4th overall on the KOM and I was told the first of the "Masters". I am 51 soon to be 52. Not bad for my first time up this hill., hehehe... ;-)

Unfortunately I had to drive back to meet with family in Pleasanton and could not stay for more of the fiesta. I did, however, eat plenty of the great food laid out for the gathering!

Thanks again and look forward to the next ride,
Lee V. Millon
Winters, CA

PS: I also wrote a check for a small donation to your club. I made it out to Ruel Asino but did not actually meet him. I gave it to one of your club officers. I met so many people yesterday and I apologize for not remembering all their names. Also please keep me informed on kit orders I am interested.

On Tue, Sep 14, 2010 at 8:38 PM, jack ibagbaga wrote:

Hi Lee,
It was a pleasure to have you in our annual fiesta. It'll be nice if you can join us on one of our weekend rides. Just check the blog for schedules and route, or just hang out with the gang.

That is Tony Castellvi in the Banesto jersey. He goes by the name Tony Lemond and Tony Madone also.
That was me who got your check and I handed it to Ruel Asino, our treasurer/financier :)


Meet Jack Ibagbaga:

Thanks Sir JunB for taking care of Lee during the SC3


Thank you Jack & Siclistas for your warm hospitality. I often visit family in the area and I will definitely check the blog next time I'm headed down there. Also please let me know if any of you are headed my way (Winters/Davis area) to ride so I can meet up -- -- google map of Steady Eddy's in Winters, a coffee shop and common meeting place for cyclist getting ready to ride in the area. We have lots of great routes and varied terrain but nothing like Sierra Grade! Please keep me informed about kit orders. Is there an official club charter or dues for joining?

Paris-Brest-Paris (PBP) is the oldest cycling event still held. I was recently informed by the French Organizers that Cristino Concepcion and I were the first Filipino (registered by Philippine passports) to have completed the ride in the event's 120+ year history (since 1891). I have actually not even met Cristino as we did not ride together. We did it in 2007 but I am certain there have been other Filipinos (Fil-Am?) that have also done it. I am preparing for this adventure again in 2011. It is only held every 4 years.

Wikipedia has a great article and lots more info all over the web.

Great pic that sums up it up nicely:

My Tagalog is rusty marami na ang nakalimutan ko pero it was nice to practice my Ilocano with manong JunB -- ado ti nalipatan min pay. I will have to miss the Giro d' Barkada ride because I had already planned to do the San Francisco 200k brevet that leaves out of Rodeo (north of Pinole) and ride out to my town, Winters, then back to Rodeo also on Oct 9.

Until next time,
Lee V.Millon
Winters, CA
PS: I have started updating my blog again in anticipation of PBP 2011 and also my facebook wall.

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