Thursday, July 28, 2011

Siclista Red Kit

Finally Our kits are here. Call me at 650 796 two nine nine two or see you at Pugad Lawin (Jollibee Union Landing this Sun 8:30am before the ride roll. We were charged $30.00 for shipping, approximately $1.00 per piece which I will collect upon pickup.


Rodge said...

Summary of kit available from:
Lee - 1 small jersey
Nelson - 1 small jersey; 1 medium jersey

JohnnyBoy said...


Cici wants:

Womens' small jersey
Womens' small shorts (no bib)

Rodge said...

Check Excel Order Sheet link for payments mailing address.

Lorraine said...

Hello M Rodge,

Kumusta po!

1 women's medium jersey
1 women's medium shorts
1 men's jersey
1 men's bib shorts

Check in the amount $240 will be mailed today for the above order $8 for the anticipated ground shipping included.


Porgy13 said...

1 Large jersey
1 large bib short

Correction on my order Large jersey instead of medium. sending the check today. salamat!!!

Rodge said...

There are to types of jersey for men, the race cut w/c is a little bit shorter and slimmer and club cut w/c is longer and a little bit wider for beer bellies ;) so please specify your preference.

Lee said...


Please put me down for:

1 medium club cut full zip Jersey
1 Medium bib short.

Also I've decided to hang on to my original small so it's no longer available for sale or trade.


Good Friday and Happy Easter!

Porgy13 said...

Large RC jersey pala. thnaks!

BobbyG said...

Rodge, just exchange my large bib for a medium.

Rodge said...

ATTN: Julian call me if your still interested to order a kit. Your order won't be place if we don't have your payment. I will put the order this Thursday 5.19.11

JohnnyBoy said...

Rodge - will send payment tonight for Cici.

Bong Regala said...

Rodge, any plans on doing another round of orders?

Jack Ibagbaga (also known as) Batillog said...

@Bong, let's talk about this on the next ride, or maybe sa picnic whenever that is ;)