Sunday, October 10, 2010

Giro d' Barkada 2010 - Pics

Giro d' Barkada 2010

giro_2010 Photo Gallery by Jeremiah Nueve at

pics from Rodge


BobbyG said...

Yes Rodge, that is my older brother. No kidding!

Rodge said...

I just can't help noticing your brother's 1991 Death Ride Jersey (19yrs old), proof that he is older than you. LOL ;-D

About Rollie, They transfer to Highland Oakland County Hosp.last night. The doctor there will operate & fix his broken thumb, the good news is that the doctor said his collar bone will heal on its own.

BobbyG said...

I did that ride to and also have that jersey as well.

Thanks for the update regarding Rollie. Glad to hear it is not as serious as previously thought.

MadoneLemon said...

Idol should be in good shape. A little shock and awe... but i bet pretty soon he will be back on the road.Bobby, Thanks for the pics. I could see your bonding with your old bro.. by tagging him along and you made me an amateur roving paparazzi..
Look no hands ooops... lol.

BobbyG said...

Tony thanks for helping out with the pics. I couldn't leave the big brother behind!