Sunday, January 2, 2011

Grover Camping Site Booked!

Ok Death Riders/Campers...I got you boys n gals a site for up to 8 people.
Here are the details:

CHECK IN: July 6th for 4 nights check out Sunday July 10th.

If there are 8 of you at this campsite its averages $20 a person

If you are planning to camp or ride, I need a confirmed commitment for those who wish to bunk at this site. If no one commits, then I cancel the site.

Publish your intent in the comments. I will use that as my list.

Please remember the more of you the less cost it is for you. Do the math :-)

Now hear this! If you are the 1st one at the site on July 6th your car gets free parking all others will have to pay a daily parking fee at the ranger station. So keep that in mind.


Ariel B said...

This is Ariel we met @ the siclista xmay party. Could you please save one camp site for me. So far we have five people signed up for death ride. Niel,Rich,Jerry, George and I going please let me know when do you need the payment and we just want to chip in for the food also if that's okay with you. Thanks again for reserving the spot and we should plan a ride together.

Ariel B said...


Is there a limit on tents on one camp site?

BobbyG said...

Never read anything in the campground rules regarding that. All I know about is the 8 person limit per site.

larryb said...

Bob, count me in. Thanks for reserving the spot.

Cesar said...
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Cesar said...

Tentatively, count two campers in my behalf. I will confirm by end of May. Thanks