Saturday, September 10, 2011

Siclista Classic IV

Ladies and Gentlemen,
It's that time of the year again that we are looking for a few good men. A commitment from these few good men is all we need to get the ball rolling for our 4th Siclista Classic.
Target date is September 10 2011 Saturday after Labor Day.

Meeting about our Classic IV logistics this Sunday 07.31.11 at 12:00noon after the short ride. Member who can volunteer please come.

w/ Roger100 Anonymous100 Du100 Gonzalo80 JunB50 Mel50 FrancisN50 Larry50 Daniel40 Benjie20 TonyF40 Mel(chg)30 TonyC50 = $760.00
Exp: MtMike126 cash tip10 Benjie147.02 RxLstem60 DAcechain48 Ultchain35 20tubes50 PartyCity10.81 FedEx4.76 MtMike58.09 Costco100.95 Peets14 Michaels7.19 Lucky4.33 = $676.15 B83.85

w/ Ruel100 Corky100 Dennis50 Eric40 Manny20 Elmer20 Robert's20.87 Funds331 Subhash1oo Ron20 = $801.87
Exp: Mel520 Mel(chg)30 = $550.00 B131.87

AS of 09.13.11
Received Total $1561.87
Expenses Total $1226.15
Balance $335.72

Covered expenses: Martin for volunteer 2, Cesa
r for volunteer 3, Ren for volunteer 6 & Mar for volunteer 7
Please check our Classic Logistics posting below.

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