Thursday, August 18, 2011

Diary of a wimpy rider

All roads lead to some Secret Training
As a short reprieve from my studies, I headed to Niles and meandered up Palomares on a beautiful sunny day, then headed back down after a nicely paced climb. As I maneuvered the last stretch of the downhill path, I exchanged greetings with a fellow cyclist who was headed up. Then I slowed down. I know this guy, and when I looked back, he also stopped in his tracks. He knew me, too! Who would've thought, but it was the great Anklai! I summarily turned my bike around, and rode up again Palomares - with the great Anklai.

All In a Day's Work
Just finished four major climbs including Quimby, Mt. Hamilton, Sierra, Calaveras, Welch(!), and now Palomares. I'm glad I caught him on his last mountain climb. He would've easily dropped me if this was his first. As it was, he wasn't at all exhausted, still some reserve in the tank, conversational on the steep sections, as I gasped and tried to keep up his 'slow' pace. So there you have it folks, secret training at its best, by the best as recorded by yours truly.

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