Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tres amigos encounter

Quick bike hop with the hopes of burning the last bit of 'buchi' I had at the Newark Buffet on Sunday. What glee I brought to myself when I converged with the three amigos atop Palomares. Corkey, JunB and Ruel. These guys were fit and strong, that buchi helped me keep up with them as we looped through Sunol, Foothill and Niles. Talk about secret training before the Wednesday rides, these guys are serious ! On the hills, we all took it easy, no need for bravado, best to come home safe and sound.

*Construction alert*: coming from the Sunol side (steep) of Palomares and coming down the other side to Niles, there's a number of construction points with lots of loose gravel along the way. Descend with caution.

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