Friday, November 8, 2013

2013 Siclista Kit

We are taking orders NOW. Place your orders on the Comment Section. and check ORDER LIST Excel for details on pricelist, payments and deadline. Check Runtowell Size Chart for sizing. 
Help instructions if you are not sure of your sizing. Lay down your favorite jersey on a flat surface and measure the width (C measurement) under the armpit in centimeters. Check the chart for your closest measurement. ( Ex. if your jersey measured 50cm the closest in the chart is Medium 49cm)

Link for orders: ORDER LIST Excel


Jun said...

Kapitan here are my order:

Ariel- Jersey Med. Bib Med.
Celso- Jersey Med. Bib Med.
BobbyC-Jersey Large Bib Large
Flo - Jersey Med. Bib Med.
Ron M- Jersey XXL Bib XXL
JunB- Jersey SM Bib SM Vest-SM
Windbreaker Jacket-SM
Arm Warmer-Med.
Diony- Jersey Med. Bib Med

corky dominguez said...

Corky: jersey kit ( x small jersey, small bib short, medium arm & leg warmer

Jun said...

additional orders:

Leslie B- Jersey X SM, Bib SM
James T- Jersey Large, Bib Large

These are all kits including the first one I placed.

Alex Co said...

My Order:

Alex Co - Jersey and Short (Size: Medium), Arm and Leg Warmer (Size: Small)

Cesar said...

1 kit:xs jersey and small bib, plus 1 more small bib.

Mar Rivera said...

Mar Rivera
Medium Jersey
Medium Bib Short
Medium Arm & leg warmers

Cesar said...

1 more kit: xs jersey and small bib

Mar Rivera said...

Please correct my order to
Medium Jersey & Bib Short Kit
Medium Wind Vest
No more Arm & Leg warmers


Jun said...

Sir additional order for:
Jun Valdez- 1 Kit Medium Jersey
Paid Medium Bib
Nelson Mercado-1 Kit Small Jersey
Paid Small Bib
Doni - 1 Kit Large Jersey
Large Bib
Diony - Paid Already

Please correct the last order of LeslieB from 2Small Short to 2Medium Short.

BobbyG said...

1 Kit Large Jersey/Medium Bib
1 Large Vest
1 Arm and Knee Medium

edlising said...

Ed Lising Large Bib and Jersey

Rolly Lising Large bib and Jersey

Nelson G. said...

Nelson Galvan
Jersey- small
Bib shorts - small
Vest - medium

BobbyG said...

1 Large Jacket in addition to my initial order.

MadoneLemon said...

Jersey kit: Jersey and Bib short L
Wind vest L, warmer kit: (knee/arm) L


Jun said...

Additional order for LeslieB :1Kit
XSmall Jersey
Small Bib

Jojo Cavite:1Kit Large Jersey
Large Bib

Jojo Moya: 1Kit Medium Jersey
Medium Bib

Jun said...

Additional order:
Ricky Santos-1Kit XSmall Jersey
Small Bib
Tony Luna- Large Jersey only
Allen Salonga- Large Jersey only
Peter Barrina-1Kit Medium Jersey
Medium Bib
LeslieB-1Small Vest

Payment Received:
LeslieB-4Kits Only
Please post on the Excel Sheet Sir. Thanks

Philip G said...

Philip Galvan (2 sets)
Jersey & Bib Shorts - Medium
Vest - Large

Jun said...

Additional Order:

Daniel-1Kit Medium Jersey
Large Bib Paid
Jet-1Kit Small Jersey and Bib

Jun said...

Payment Received:
Roger Tagle-$110.0 Check
Tony Castellvi-$220.00 Check
Mar Rivera-$170.00 Check
Jet Gochuico-$110.00 Check
Alex Co-$160.00 Check
Flo Domingo-$110.Check

Cash Payment:
Ricky Salonga
Peter Barrina
Allen Santos
Ceasar Galvez
Alex Obero
Ren Arnoco

Jun said...

Sir could you please update the Order List to include the additional order I posted yesterday and also the order of Conrad Jimenez.

Jet Gochuico said...

Small jersey and bib short for me

Jun said...

Additional order for Ariel- 1Vest Medium.
Also could you please correct the order of LeslieB the Jersey should be 2XS not 2XL.
Correct also my order to Medium Jersey, Bib, Vest and Long Sleeve Jersey.

Jun said...

Additional Order:
LeslieB-1Kit XS Jersey and XS Bib
Benjie-1Kit Medium Jersey and Bib
F. Cordero-1Kit Large Jersey, Bib

Payment Received:
BobbyG - $220.00 Check
- $70.00 Check
Phillip Galvan - $340.00 Check
Nelson Galvan - $170.00 Check
BobbyT- $110.00 Check
Conrad Jimenez - $220.00 Check
F. Cordero - $110.00 Check
Benjie - $110.00 Cash Payment