Monday, January 22, 2007

To All Siclista

To all Siclistas,
The ride we have @Pleasanton last Saturday was a good/nice ride. It was flat with a combination of rolling and little climb @ Altimont Pass about 2000 ft. elevation. The view was great like Napa ride, there was a lot of vineyard (wine tasting cellars). I was not aware there was a lot of winery @Pleasanton and Livermore. Let us make a plan on this ride. John V. was like a GPS he knows all the turns on this route.


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Rodge said...

Ed nakialam na ako nilagyan ko na ng title di ko mabuksan yong comments sa main page.

Manny Dex(strose) said...

Sounds fascinating..thanks for sharing, and nice to have u on the blogger page!

MadoneLemon said...

welcome. You made it.