Monday, January 29, 2007

Email from Del

Hi Roger,

Kumusta ka? It's me Del, Tony's friend and neighbor. Sorry I haven't been able to do more rides with you guys. I've joined the FFBC race team and that's been taking up the majority of my rides. Man it's so fast! Some days i'm just barely hanging on!

Anyhow, I saw Ed today at the Early Birds and I spoke with John and Benji at the shop as well as Jerry(I see him all the time). You guys try and make it out for next weeks Feb.4 race! I'll be racing at 12:00 noon I think. Try to make it as I try to represent the Filipinos, haha!



Rodge said...


Hi Del,

Of course I know you and how are you too. Nice to hear from you. Althought we normally ride every sunday, maybe we will try to get back early next sunday to watch you. I used to watch early bird year ago got some friends from work who race too for Cat 1 and 2. Also year ago I tried that too but to much for me. I cant hang on. Rollie (Ed's brother) and some pinoy, I'm not sure if you knew them Francis and John M. join a duatlon yesterday represent the Pinoys too :)


john_m said...

mukhang masaya yan. last sunday dumating kami doon ng 330pm tapos na. kung may manonood... sama ako. i would like to show my support to our kapwa pinoy cyclist. kung may short ride before that sama rin ako.

johnv said...

wheres the race at, may be after our sunday ride i will watch you.john-v.