Tuesday, May 1, 2007

More pics from hamilton from colleagues BobbyG & JohnnyBoy

Here are more (very clear pictures) frm the Hamilton trip courtesy of BobbyG and JohnnyBoy (thank you guys!)

JohnnyBoy's pics

BobbyG's pics


Manny D (www.stophhs.com) said...

nice shots guys, that sssnnake looks pretty intimidating..sortof reminds me of the SOP (snakes on the plane) movie..yikes, encountering this puppy on an uphill climb, i'd still be shifting to my biggest gears & probably get up hamilton in record time;-)

Jack Ibagbaga (also known as) Batillog said...

I think that snake, a northern pacific rattlesnake ,was pissed off at me. Muntik ko nang masagasaan. Tapos inasar pa ni JohnnyB by flicking his tail with his rear tire :)
one pissed hisser ;)

Manny D (www.stophhs.com) said...

nice link, jack! here's something also interesting on do's and don'ts when encountering this snake..seems to be pretty prevalent at this time of year.. Do's on Dont's on the Northern Pacific Rattler

MadoneLemon said...

Hear this. number 630 I am behiiiind youuu.