Sunday, November 25, 2007

Kings Mountain Ride Report

13 riders showed up at the park & ride off of Page Mill Road and I-280 for the Kings Mountain Ride. The ride covered 31.5 miles and 3100 feet of climbing

Fellow rider TonyC developed mechanical trouble during the ride. The mechanical issue he experienced was quite unique, it was a frozen freewheel. His bike was now practically a fixed gear. The only way he was going to be able to ride back after reaching the top of Kings Mountain was to spin all the way back. I held back with him and barked at him like a lunatic coach trying to tell him to keep pedalling every time I saw the chain loom closer to the top of the chain stay and wheel. We managed to make it back safely to the start.

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Manny Dex(strose) said...

good you're okay monsieur let us know what the verdict is-was it your wheelset, derailleur? mr.bobbyG, thanks for watching out for our kuya..;)

MadoneLemon said...

Bobby G, was my spotter on the entire descent barking like a Marine drill instructor to keep pedalling to pick up the chain slack or i will suck up for a potential crash. It happened on the middle of Kings MTN ascent with Ed Lising. I felt a creaking/squeaking sound and Ed was warning me of a possible rear wheel hub failure.AS soon as we reach the summit, it was Bobby G who saw all the telltale sign of a frozen wheel. ASAP our diehard mechanic Roger(Moore) jump in to check on the culprit. Alas, it was indeed a broken hub right through the inner core.I got 2,000 miles on it.The only way i could go back was to keep spinning to heave on the chain slack ( no freewheeling or back pedalling) Gee i was like on the velodrome that day. You slow down, you got the slack,you go speed up due to the descent, you got the slack even further. Imagine feathering you rear breaks at the same time pedalling on it.Kudos also to our ride leader Ceasar, for re-routing the ride to a much safer descent.To top it all off ,a flat tire close to the finish line on the same wheel.Bobby G once again tahnks for the spinning lessons. Saluti.

BobbyG said...

I'm am just thankful that nothing bad came about with the failure and that you got back safely. Sorry for nagging you most of the way down! ;) I think you will be a spinner in no time after this!

Manny Dex(strose) said...

monsieur just just curious..your madone is about a 1yr old(?), & assumning u bought it with the wheelset/hub..isn't it kinda earl for the hub to fail?