Monday, November 26, 2007

Much awaited Giro D' Barkada clip

Hello fellow Siclistas. Better late than never... Here's the Giro footage that the Lising brothers took. I needed to do a bunch of editing for your viewing pleasure, not to mention make the download shorter. Click on the link below (it takes about 20 - 50 min depending on your connection speed so you can spin on your roller while waiting). If someone has a website that can hold this file (77MB) the download time might be faster. This is a free site so they purposely slow download speed so you'll sign up for their service.

Download GiroD'Barkada Video Clip Here

This file requires quicktime to play. If you can't open the file, here's the link to download quicktime player:

Click Free Download.

ps. uncheck all the check marks if you don't want to get a ton of advertising from apple.

There's a clearer version which is 500MB large. I don't know where to store for download. If someone knows a free website where I can post it, let me know.


Jack Ibagbaga (also known as) Batillog said...

WOW, hanip JohnM. Pati sounds eh oaky sa alright :)

Kudos to the Lising Brothers and of course, JohnM for the editing.

Anonymous said...

Guys nice video composition! I'm so jealous...jomo

kid kulaki! said...

try this site


john_m said...

Jack. Okey nga yung video ng lising bros. at siyempre sila ang bida (pinaka maraming kuha). sayang hindi nga kami naka sama ni jomo. maybe next year...

will try to upload sa and let you guys know.

Jack Ibagbaga (also known as) Batillog said...

jonh_m, pwede ba akong magpa edit sa iyo?
yong baliktad na video ko eh hindi pa naayos.

john_m said...

jack... sure. as long as it's under 10 MB, you can email it to me -

ed... hindi na ako nakakasama sa mga ride ngayon so i'll get your computer sa xmas party. paki dala nalang.