Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Tour De Francis Post Ride report

Sorry jack (everyone)sa late na reply. nagkaflu kase ako dahil sa ginaw..

We (Ronald Magcauas, Julius De Jesus, Leian Cruz, Frank Gatdula, Maui Reynante, Jeff Lancero and me) left Stockton at around 9PM friday night and arrived at the hotel at around 2AM, got almost to hours sleep. when we dressing up for the ride i found out that i brought the wrong jersey (my wife's Siclista jersey), GRRRRR!!! i tried to put it on but it's too small for me. i wear a base layer and Frank G lend me his Wind Vest (Luzvimin) and frank also mistakenly bring two wind vest without bringing a jersey. it was cold outside around 38F, and we went to Caistaic Lake park. we got lost twice in the park and we saw a bunch of riders going down and we found that were late... no time for registration so we decided to ride with them. they do have a helmet number and bib number and i saw the other has a number on their bikes.

on the first mile of ride it's climbing right away. we started at the end of the group so i decided to crawl up to the front and pass riders one by one. until there's five of us leading the ride. when we got to the top i decided to eat my breakfast so i let them go within my sight. suddenly when saw the groupette ahead of me there's two riders going away, i found out that the first KOM points is almost a mile so idecided to chase them, but these two guys are strong like a goat. i ended up taking the third in KOM points but later i found out that i was disqualified coz i'm not registered. When we got to the first SAG Stop at lake elizabeth i didn't notice that the group left already, when i tried to follow them it was too late, with head wind and i'm to lazy to chase them. i saw leian and Ron and yelled them that i will wait for them, we rode together up to the next SAG Stop Mile 50, at the SAG STOP they do have hot Soup, Sport drink mix, bread, banana, water, cliff bar, powerbar, and it was cold there, i almost cut my ride and ride the SAG CAR but we decided to finish it, we rode together on the first climb again with maui, jeff, ron and me, Leian can't ride anymore, he's freezinnn, i tried to pull them but it's only Ron who can hang on, i was very cold that time so i decided to hammer it down, sorry guys.... i rode solo for a while and passing riders one by one. the good thing is we finish the ride, my computer log a total of 98.9 miles with 6h33min total ride time. Elevation,, i hear that it's more than 9000ft total accent from the other guy with GPS. at the finish line there's a lot of food and they present us a plaque of appreciation for participation, i will present it at our XMAS party. all i can say is tthey did a great job organizing such event. it's perfect. there's a lot of SAG Car, Volunteers, FOODs, WATER, Gatorade, BANANA, and Photographer.complete with cowhorn pa. BTW the winner of the KOM is the White Guy i think Kieth from SFVBC, and Overall took by RAffy of MIRA MISA CYCLING CLUB (this pinoy guy is like a goat!!!! sana nakita nyo kung paano sya mag accelerate sa accent parang si contador) i don't know what happen why he lost the KOM.

Thank you sa ADOBO. it's a great event, we love it!

here are the two links of pictures got from adobo:

photo link from adobo1


Manny Dex(strose) said...

kid-nice report thanks. just to clarify, raffy of mira mesa won the overall KOM..meaning the most points for the four climbs? thanks again, and good job!

kid kulaki! said...

hi manny Thanks! we have Fun, BTW it's 5 KOM and Raffy took 3 of those and Keith took KOM #4 and KOM #5 which is the Double Points. so i think the winner is Keith. or did i missing something? cause julius saw what happens on those KOM's cause he's riding with the SAG CAR taking care the KOM's points, As far as i know so anyone please correct me if i'm wrong.

kid kulaki! said...

o yeah! i miss something. i think they tied for the points. 24 pts each. raffy got the first 3, and the last 2nd spot whic is doubled
5+5+5+3+6= 24 same with keith i assumed that he got the 3 KOM in second and the last 2 KOM in 1st so it's 3+3+3+5+10 = 24. so they both have the trophy at the end.


Manny Dex(strose) said...

kid, thanks for expanding out the details, we had two KOM's great!! have a nice day!

MadoneLemon said...

Rozel.Thanks for representing the Siklistas. Inspite of the 2am arrivals,unwanted Jersey,poor warming gears and missing the registration;your perseverance is highly appreciated.


winston said...

I salute you Sir matindi ka talaga!!!!!!, sayang at di kayo umabot sa registration, sama ka ba sa party?


Arden said...

Tour de Francis IV: (Stage 3) Tour of Three Lakes left great impressions and memories for those who braved the freezing morning. The day started with all volunteers showing up on time to get their assignments & official TdF magnetic signs (courtesy of Dennis ‘Alalance’ Evangelista) were placed on SAG vehicles. Castaic Lake Park’s gatekeeper was there on time to accept the onslaught of TdF participants. Cars were lined up several blocks with their headlights still on and waiting for the gate to open. Driving to the designated parking area, they were sampled by the 5th and Final KOM climb (7-12%) to the route finish. The sign-in process worked out as planned, Mr. & Mrs. Mandy Genato, Nicole Morente, David Yoshihara, Allan Messara and the Ignacio kids assisted in passing out waivers and bib numbers. Almost all participants and volunteers were ready at the gun. Shivering and bundled up as they gather around at the start area. But it was Francis’ cowbell that got everyone moving. Mandy and Andrew Tiotuico, our official photographers started taking photos as soon as everyone gathered. Imre Udvardy with his “Look! I’m here” neon jacket as our official pace rider guided the peloton down the hill headed to the 1st mountain section. A long line of daring cyclists started trekking up Lake Hughes Canyon Road for the 1st King Of The Mountain. SAG cars, SUVs, and trucks zoomed one by one with their windows down braving the chill and loudly cheering everyone as they passed by. Raffy ‘The Boss’ Soriano of Mira Mesa Cycling Club San Diego crossed the line first and Keith Brodsky of San Fernando Valley Bicycle Club followed in second! Just 9.8 miles into the ride, everybody was fired up to tackle the next 86+ miles of this epic ride.

Continuing through Lake Hughes Road were gradual inclines pounding each of the riders’ legs through the winding road with quiet sceneries. Volunteer David Yoshihara and SAG coordinator Allan Messara made sure all participants made the right turn to Elizabeth Lake for the 1st Rest Stop (mile 27). The leading group of cyclists just had their numbers tagged and water bottles refilled which was manned by Reggie Ferraz & son. While Manolito Dionisio & Mrs. Rivera directed the peloton toward the lake! Not even a snack break! The rest where wise enough to take a break from the first hard set of miles. It was icy cold at this place just like at Castaic Lake Park. One by one everyone continued back through Elizabeth Lake Rd. tackled the 9.5 mile climb to Three Points Road / Pine Canyon Rd. Junction (mile 40) toward Rest Stop # 2 at Quail Lake for another 10 miles where Arnold Irving and Ricky Herrera were cheering the brave souls that made it to this point and directed them to the 2nd KOM. Another set of hard miles through headwind and rolling hills towards the top of Pine Canyon Road. As I climb through 3 Points Road, I was surprised to ride side by side with Leian Cruz of Fitness First Cycling Team straight from the Philippines and witnessing the lead group heading back with MMCC’s orange jerseys painting the break away group. Another set of food and refreshments were waiting at Rest Stop # 2. Especially for that precious hot and steaming soup that was known to washed the pain away. Here, Jessie "El Prez" Santa Maria, Afausto, Francis Ignacio & kids were making sure all riders are warmed up for the next half of TdF. The volunteers here were great just like the volunteers at Rest Stop # 1. With the guidance of Mrs. Rivera & daughter, Jessie's wife, Mr. & Mrs. Genato and Andrew, participants started heading back to tackle the 3rd KOM at Ridge Route Road (mile 60). Especially with the 12:30 pm cutoff at Three Points Junction, food and refreshments were waiting there for everyone who came from behind! Volunteers here did a great job too as I even saw Volunteer Arnold ‘Kapatid’ Irving sweeping the dirt off that intersection! Wow!

Now, the way back must be easy because it was almost uphills and headwind getting to this point but take into account everyone was getting tired. Those downhills earlier were easily FORGOTTEN! And taking that same road back… they were TOUGHER! Spinning those cranks back through Lake Hughes Road wasn’t that easy too, considering the last big hill for the 4th KOM won by Raffy once AGAIN… plus 3 more small hills called the ‘Three Bitches’ heading back to Castaic Lake Park. The lead group arrived at around 2:00 pm with Keith crossing the finish line first, taking double points for this last and 5th KOM after 6 hours of pedaling. Followed by who else? Raffy in second. Vance of SFVBC came in third; ADOBO Velo’s Deo Asuncion was 4th, then 3 more orange jerseys of MMCC followed. The last few riders that completed the whole course arrived 2 1/2 hours later. Kudos to Louie Rivera, Abe "Kumander Agimat" Borillo, Pid Grape, Rosalie Kneebone, Jessie, and our trackster for hanging in there to finish the entire route.

The finishers were greeted by loud cheers and a whole lot of Pinoy food waiting! What a ‘Welcome Back’ treat!? Raffy Soriano, was awarded the Overall King Of The Mountain Winner and Keith Brodsky, our 1st cyclist to cross the finish line were awarded with trophies. Keith also won the 2nd place KOM medal and Vance McDonald of SFVBC bagging 3rd place KOM medal. The “best female and young cyclist” medals were awarded to Patricia from England at 24 years young. The best senior cyclist was awarded to Clem at age 70+. Participating clubs and VIPs like Manuel ‘Maui’ Reynante of Luzvimin Racing Team, Deograves ‘Deo’ Asuncion of ADOBO Velo FACC, and Leian Cruz received Certificates of Appreciation. We even had a female Ironman finisher in the mix! Souvenir shirts were also sold for a good price! Thanks to all ADOBO Velo FACC members, coordinators, and contributors who made Tour de Francis IV 400x greater than the very first one. Well, maybe just a tab bit exaggerated but its high up in there! Thanks also to Reggie Ferraz of Santa Clarita Velo for taking care of the much awaited Pinoy meal.

To conclude, we received praising words from Frank Gatdula of Luzvimin Racing Team of Stockton, Sammy Eusantos of MMCC San Diego, Liean Cruz of Philippine Executive Cycling Association (PECA) / Fitness First Cycling Team and from other participants. More compliments from SFVBC President Keith Brodsky and friends as posted in website. Overall, that was 10,200 feet of climbing, about 30 volunteers, about 10 SAG cars, at least 100 participants from at least 10 different clubs to include Newhall Bike Shop cyclists, about 1,100 pictures taken by Mandy and Andrew posted at and And around 40 degrees COLD the whole day! Not a whole lot of tire flats (Mr. Deo Asuncion unluckily had the 1st two before the start), an unfortunate rear derailleur cable break, a broken chain, and the most important of all, no injuries or crashes. HOW’S THAT FOR STATISTICS! To add, some called it “brutal”, I dared it as a “challenging fun ride”, and ASTIG Francis wanted this as a “memorable century ride”! I think we all got what we wanted!

Congratulations to everyone, this is one hell of an accomplishment! To,,,’s Rideboard, and for helping us spread the invitation out as it was viewed at least 750 times all in all since it was just posted last 23rd of October. To all volunteers, thank you for all the help and valuable time you offered. To our sponsor Budget Bikes, our tireless coordinators and kind contributors, TdF4 won’t be a complete success without your precious time, efforts, and generosity. And for those who missed this event and participants who wanted to better their record….. we’ll see you next year!

Maligayang Pasko at Manigong Bagong Taon sa lahat!


Francis-Marlon Ignacio
Tour de Francis Organizer

Arden Arindaeng
ADOBO Velo FACC Moderator

kid kulaki! said...

eto na yong tamang report! thanks Arden and to all ADOBO's.

winston- pupunta ako sa Xmas Party i will bring refreshments!

Jack Ibagbaga (also known as) Batillog said...

Thanks for the update guys. It looks like this event is something that shoudn't have missed. I just happened to be sent out of the country during that weekend. I'll do the planning to get (some of) the Siclistas to go next year.

Arden, are you from San Narciso by any chance?

Arden said...

Jack, that was me from the previous comment. Is that a Zambales town also. Please refresh me because my father lived and grew up at those places.

To all, you're right about Raffy, he's skinny as hell and very strong at the hills. Someone told me (since I was tailing all the way) that he climbs like Alberto COntador! I guess he can do jumps and hit hard at the climbs. I wish I knew his age. As long as he stays consistent, he will be recognized. He's got potential!


Jack Ibagbaga (also known as) Batillog said...

Arden, that is Natividad, San Narciso, Zambales. My sister used to teach in Namatacan/Simminublan schools and the Arindaeng name just rings a bell.

Manny Dex(strose) said...

arden congrats 2 all! like jack said an event that cannot be missed, also nice 2 see a rising star in raffy of mira mesa, keep up the good work!!

Arden said...

My 2 previous comments from a few days back didn't show up but here we go again:

Jack, yes, I knew of distant relatives (possibly not related at all) in Zambales but haven't seen them at all.

Manny, thanks for the compliments. check MMCC's Yahoo group. They posted pictures from their meeting from last weekend and Raffy is recognized from his TdF4 achievement. Congrats to him!

Arden said...

Check us out at

Jack Ibagbaga (also known as) Batillog said...

Arden, nice blog and ride report of the TdF event. I guess we really have to prep up for the next one :)