Saturday, February 2, 2008

Pinoy joins iconic rock group Journey as lead singer (wow!!)

Hello there...couldn't believe this at first but a visit to Jolly Bee yesterday (after Bong and I did a quick flat ride with chicharon deliveries:-) I stumbled on a Filipino news article that one of my favorite (all-time) bands Journey picked Arnel Pineda (from the Philippines) as their new lead vocalist. Apparently, Neal Schon founder of Journey spotted video clips of Arnel and his group (Zoo) while surfing the ever self-showcasing website's some links including two of my favorite songs, "Open Arms", "Faithfully". p.s. some of the video is grainy but the sound production is good, album with pineda i heard is coming up mid-year..

CNN Report
"Faithfully" rendition by Arnel & his band
"Open Arms"


john_m said...

manny, i tell you man, this guy is a diamond in the rough. in my 15 years of playing in a band and listening to different pinoy artists, there's only a handful that can hit the low and high notes with excellent control. a plus is that he really sounds like steve perry. is steve dead? why are they replacing him with arnel? anyway, it will be a tough shoe to fill for our brethren. like an uphill climb on sierra x10. but he's already got the talent, no doubt. all he needs now is the attitude to wow the american audience. if journey comes to the bay area, lets all go in support. and of course, to unwind.

Jack Ibagbaga (also known as) Batillog said...

Steve has gone solo for awhile now. I think he lives in Mt. View somewhere. As for Arnel, I'm not sure who told me last X'mas party that he is a kumpare to one Siclista rider, I forgot who. If you guys go to a Journey concert, count me in. I missed going to any of their concerts when they performed in SJ and Shoreline.

Manny D said... you're another one of those hidden pinoy talents (you shud've played @ the christmas party)..our very own arnel p. is truly amazing a diamond in the ruf as u stated...kudos to our kababayan for honing in his unique talent, and thanks to neal schon 4 giving our brother a chance..see u all at the next journey concert!!

BobbyG said...

Journey is one group that I always wanted to see! If they do come to the Bay Area, I would definately like to go and unwind to their music!

Jack Ibagbaga (also known as) Batillog said...

Don't Stop Believin' YO!
I find it hard to unwind with Journey's music since "I" get into their music. Unless, somebody hands me over that BONGGGGGGG :) :) :) is that what you guys call "unwind" lol

DAYUM... the good old days. Eagles, Journey, Queen, STYX, Nazareth...