Sunday, October 5, 2008

1st Siclista Classic

View of Siclista KOM Summit Finish at Sierra Road, San Jose Category 1 Climb.

OUR formal invitation to TROPA, LUZVIMIN, F.A.C.T., ADOBO VELO, MAHARLIKA, MIRA MESA, Filipino cyclist and friends.

1st Siclista Classic.
Mark this date on your calendar: Oct 5 2008.
Fun ride only
brisk 16-20mph pace. KOM race optional, mass start at the bottom of Sierra Rd. with summit finish. Winner prize $100.00 Chain Reaction gift certificate donated by Romy.
Siclista Fiesta after the ride at Fremont Central Park. New Ride route
shorter 54.3 mi. figure 8 loop starts clockwise from Mission Blvd. to Nile Canyon Rd. Calaveras Rd., Turn left counter clockwise Piedmont to Sierra Rd. NEW Roll Time: 8:00 Sharp.
Option for those who doesn't want to do the Sierra Category 1 Climb, from Calaveras turn right to Evans.


Tropa said...

On behalf of "Tropa" we have money to donate to the Siclista Classic. Please advise to whom I should make check payable to and where to send. I can also send this to a paypal account.

"May your handle bars stay upright and the rubber side down"


johnV said...

hi roy its nice to hear from you to donate contact roger.

Kris said...

Hi Siclista,

Kris here of would like to invite you and your fellow cyclist to drop by to our MTB Forum. Majority of the members are from Philippines base pero meron din from USA and OFW from Dubai and other countries. Join and add meet new friends sa community natin.

Maraming Salamat
Kris - Webot

SiNielito said...

Hi Rodge, I sent a check early this week... please confirm receipt.

I got a sunday pass...yeah!


francois said...

Hey Boys, I will see you there for the ride. My family will join the picnic.

I'll bring a bunch of mtbr pint glasses.

mtbr and roadbikereview

Jack Ibagbaga (also known as) Batillog said...

Thanks Francis. Should we pencil you and Derek in for the KOM? With your OLH times, I think you 2 can stay with the pack going up Sierra Road.
Whadya say bro?

francois said...

of course Jack. Sierra Road downhill right?


Tropa said...


Thank you for providing the venue for a great ride. The food, camaraderie and most of all the support from your team is outstanding.

To Mr. Roger Tagle, kudos on a wonderful job.


Roy Garcillano