Monday, October 6, 2008

Siclista Classic Pictures

Wow what a great turn out, great food, and amazingly fun!

I have a lot of pictures to process and will upload them in batches. Let me know if anyone would like copies of originals emailed to them. Many more to come!

Batch #1

Batch #2 is now up

Batch #3: Sierra KOM

Batch #4: Sierra KOM Part 2

Batch #5: Sierra KOM Part 3

Batch #6: The SAGing Team
I apologize to those SAG members that I didn't have pictures of.

Batch #7: Sierra KOM Part 4

Batch #8: Pictures from Niles Canyon and Sunol

Last Batch #9: Pictures from Sunol/Calaveras and Morning at the Park



johnV said...

Great job johnnyboy,how about the sag teams.thanks

JohnnyBoy said...


Will mark names that I know and johnv - i'll get the sag team going too including Ceasar's baby :)

mike said...

great pics! great ride! great company! would it be okay to re-post a pic at my blog? i'll give credit.

kid kulaki! said...


on behalf of my Luzvimin Team, your event is awesome, SAG, Foods, the Route is fantastic, except climbing sierra rd (i'm begging for more gears! "need triple crankset")descending sierra is fun! Mission blvd is another pain on the legs, we have some fun! and i really appreciated the trophy that i got (it's a work of art), Thank You!

i can't wait to see some pictures and videos! Please i want a copy of your video's.

Again Thank you very much!

Btw i'm still siclista too.

rozel AKA kid_kulaki....

JohnnyBoy said...


No problem of course on the pics. Just out of curiosity where is your blog?

francois said...

Mga pogi,

Thank you for a good time. Nagulat ako sa dami ng pinoy cyclists sa parking lot.

Even more surprising was the number of SAG workers who did not ride so they can support the cyclists. I've never seen so many support vehicles for a group ride.

The 22 minute performance up Sierra Road by Lloyd Reynante was shocking. But the 36 minute climb by 71-year old Maui Reynante was even better.


mike said...

thanks, john. ... it's (not cycling-specific)

Tropa said...


Thank you for providing the venue for a great ride. The food, camaraderie and most of all the support from your team is outstanding.

To Mr. Roger Tagle, kudos on a job well done!


Roy Garcillano

BobbyG said...

From Ariel Bayot:

Pare mas okay yung sa sicklista blog kasi naka categorize mas madali kong lagyan ng captions
Maraming salamat din sa ride n accomodation nyo sa amin d best ang service nyo guy's champion ang dating pinoy na pinoy .Paki forward na lang sa sicklista group. Sa uulitin ulit

Salamat ng marami bro

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to drop by and thank everyone for the great ride Sunday, October 5. The hospitality of everyone was above and beyond outstanding, especially the SAGS and PHOTOGS.

I had not ridden any organized event ever and in fact, I had just started cycling again last year after a 30 year layoff. So, your event was the first for me and it leaves me looking forward to the next one.

Thanks guys, and ride safe.
Carl (knotty), SF.

Nitzel said...

HI Everyone!!

Job well done! It was a wonderful ride, I had so much fun. It was a great day with great people:) Special thanks to the organizers. I hope there will be another one just like that. Big plus, the food was YUMMY!

Thanks a lot guys! Hopefully next time there'll be more women to join.

Ride fast, and be safe!

Nitzel (Daly City)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Siclista. Great SAG, food and photographs!!! Best organized ride I ever joined.

Stan (Alameda)

Rey Bernal said...

On behalf of Salimpusa riders:) (Tracy), first of all, thanks for inviting us. We enjoyed riding with all of you guys. Everything was great, from SAG, foods and the ride itself, great experience from new riders like us.

Thank you Siclista and to Johnnyboy for taking and posting excellent pics!

Mabuhay kayo!

Rey & Tracy riders

Rodge said...

Tracy Rider hindi kayo salingpusa we just don't know your group name :)