Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Apology about Christmas Party 2008

We are sorry for the last minute cancellation of our 2008 Christmas party. We did not realized that there were members who have plans to attend. We were forced to cancel the party due to members non response to our x'mas posting. Only very few members (3) reply in our comment section of their intentions to come. We can not rent the venue and proceed with our plans if members will not show their support. To avoid this situation from happening again, We request our members to please reply in our comment section as soon as possible. This way we can avoid guessing who's in & who's not in any of our projects, gatherings or even in our regular weekend rides. Do not forget you can also use your cellphone text messaging to show your support or let us know if you are coming for a ride. There is always a way, If there is a will.

We also feel bad that we have to cancel the party, that is why we decided to have a small get together this weekend for everyone. Again our apology.

You can check link of: Our Cash on Hand Pondo after 1st Siclista Classic and Tropa party donation.

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Manny D (dial@1260am) said...

Hey Rodge, thanks for the heartfelt message. In this hustle and bustle of the season, things like this do happen - people neglect (unintentionally) to respond although they may have already reserved the agreed-upon date.

I think two suggestions might help here in addition to what you've mentioned:

(1) After setting a Christmas party date, we should move forward as though the activity would occur, since this happens once a year but in the busiest time so people do not necessarily respond but they do read the blog. John_m actually made a good suggestion, which is to move the venue, but keep the date <--(thumbs up:)

(2) If the venue cannot be reserved (all along, people thought the 27th was actually a 'go' since the last message was that it would be available on the 27th), the decision to cancel the date, or move the venue should be given out well in advance (two weeks, even one would help). This way people could still adjust their busy December calendar activities accordingly.

Aside from that a very happy and blessed New Year to all the Siclista's and their families! I myself can't attend due to a planned family function, but you'all have fun, you hear. :-)