Sunday, December 28, 2008

Saturday Ride Delight!

The Saturday Ride up Palomares-5 Canyons ended up nicely with a surprise call from JohnV. After being punished on my cyclocross by JohnM and LarryB, we headed over to JV's residence and had the honor of celebrating JohnV's son's return from active duty, and his grandson (yes, grandson's Christening). We were first in line (as the official celebration starts 3pm, we were there noon). The food was great - menudo, pansit, hito, papaetan:), filipino spaghetti and another exotic dish prepared by JohnV's father-in-law, if you could kindly fill us in on the exact name, JohnM:-). It was a nice, unannounced and very hospitable post-ride lunch from a generous Siclista, JohnV - Thanks!

Our host: JohnV

The Guests: JohnM, LarryB, MannyD


Rodge said...

That's the problem when you can not ride, you also missed the treat ;)

john_m said...

nice food! courtesy of rodge on our friday ride and john v on our saturday ride. thank you!

mr. manny... i think that exotic dish was called kilawbrain. :-) need i explain?

rodge. i ate 2x. one for you and one for me at johnv's feast.

Manny D (dial@1260am) said...

hey, the food was just cooked off the oven we couldn't resist going for seconds. johnm, i think one small serving of "kilawbrain" was sufficient for the day's cerebral activities:-)