Tuesday, May 5, 2009

HMB-SC-HMB Saturday 5/09/09

See you guys at Pugad Lawin around 6:45AM.

Road ride with moderate/brisk pace (13/19 MPH) to be led by TonyC and a brisk/fast pace will be led by Jack. Terrain is moderate hills (rollers of about 500 feet).

Half Moon Bay to Santa Cruz and back.
Saturday May 9, 2009
There will be 2 groups for this ride, TonyC will lead the moderate pace and the rest will be on their own :)
Roll by 8AM
Meet at the firestation, corner of Main St and Higgins Canyon Road.

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Straight shot to Sta Cruz (48 miles one way) for lunch.

The return to HMB will have an option of taking the side road.

Lunch will be at the Upper Crust Pizza in Sta Cruz. The first stop light when we hit SC.

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MadoneLemon said...

AS USUAL, CARPOOL AVAILABLE AT PUGAD LAWIN MEET AT 063OH to roll at 0700H convoy follows. JohnV&M your're still in. AS always, unsettled weather will cancel at the day of the ride not 2 0r 3 days before.So, this some annoy guy within our group gets it.

john_m said...

sorry guys. i have to pass on this one. birthdays to attend to on saturday. looks like a perfect sunny cylcling weekend ahead...

SiNielito said...

Another rare Saturday ride...I'm in.


johnV said...

TonyC,cant go still moving next time offer my spot to someone.

MadoneLemon said...

I was a blast, tailwind to SC but a rather headon wind thru the finish. Thanks Jack for pulling me on some crucial moments. Also, thanks to Martin for the H20 support, it was a welcome lifesaver. No cell phone signal, trying to contact our SAG, but we all manage to finish. Kudos to Gonzalo and Vill for keeping up with the hardhitters and thanks for the pizza. Neil thanks for the photo shoot.