Sunday, May 10, 2009

More HMB to SC pix...

10 riders showed up for this SATURDAY ride and a Sag (thanks to Tony and family)

Jack, Caesar, Gonzalo, Martin, Tony, Bill, Dennis, Anklai, Jed and Niel

- I started the first pull of the ride which lasted a few minutes, enough to warm up the guys.

- Caesar bailed out a few miles into the ride to tackle steeper hills… and to meet a time constraint.

- Bill, Gonzalo, Anklai, Jed and Martin turned up the heat on the first climb and never seen again til Santa Cruz.

- Pizza lunch was compliments of Gonzalo…thank you!

- The ride back started with a pull from the strong guys again, taking turns to enjoy the wind, and never seen again til HMB.

- The strong headwinds were terrible but it made the ride interesting. Even as we descent, we can feel the wind slow us down…it's like going uphill all the way.

- Thanks to Martin and wife for getting some water… what a a relief.

- Jack, Dennis, Tony and I road our own pace to half moon bay with a slight feeling of hunger towards the finish….a bonk waiting to happen but never did.

- Thanks to Jack for organizing this Saturday ride.

Enjoy the pix:



Jed said...

Thanks Jack, Bill, Gonzalo, Neil and the rest. Me and Anklai had fun on our first Road Ride with the Siclista. I hope more to come.

Manny D (dial@1260am) said...

Hey Neil, long time no see..nice shots along HW-1.

Anonymous said...

Job well done!!! 'must be nice...jomo

Martin said...

Thanks to all for the fun ride to SC...Enjoyed everyones company. A special thanks to Gonzalo for the lunch and Jack for putting the ride together. Hope to do more with you all.