Sunday, May 10, 2009

HMB-Sta Cruz-HMB ride report

link to the pics

Well, that is what I was thinking of when we left HMB. After the rollers between HMB and Pescadero, about 12 miles into the ride, the wind was just pushing us towards Sta. Cruz. The pack I was supposed to lead was nowhere in sight so I peeled back to Tony's moderate pace turned to fast in an instant. You can coast and still do a 16-19MPH avg speed. With a little ummphh, we can do a mid to high 20's speed with occasional low 30's... comfortably. At mile 7.5, Cesar turned left towards Tunitas and started his climb home to do the laundry, errrr, babysitting, owwwwww, wait a minute, did I say that? :):):) sorry 'sar, can't help it :):):)

After eating our carbo lunch courtesy of Gonzalo, we took some photo ops and then saddled up. As soon as we made the turn towards HMB, we got slammed by a wall of strong wind coming from the north and my borrowed "tailwinds forever" line from Rodge was snuffed pretty quickly :(

With Vill setting up the pace with me on the #2 slot, I signaled Jed to move forward while I peel off from the front and let the young 'uns go for it. Average speed, 13MPH @o@
The fast group waited for us about 10 miles into the return trip but I guess they got bored and took off while Niel decided to stay and wait. We continued north taking turns at the front and we caught up with Dennis and then Martin. Martin was supposed to be picked up by his other half in Sta. Cruz for a date but she was running a little late so Martin decided to ride with us on the way home. Somewhere around mile 70, Matin's wife came to pick him up but before they left us, they went to buy some ice cold bottles of water and handed it to us. Thanks Mart.

At mile 80, like what Niel said, bonkville is in the horizon. This is where our bike handling skills got tested. With strong swirling headwinds while trying to go uphill is like practicing a trackstand. You can barely stay up and keep a straight line.
... and then the sag wagon showed up asking Tony if he want to hop in. The reply was, "no way" so I figured Tony is going to grind it all the way to HMB so I took off and tried to catch up with Niel. Around mile 88, I find Niel, Vill and Anklai in "the other" sag wagon asking me if I want a ride, I said "no way" :):):) and told them to go check on Dennis and Tony.

When I got back to HMB, I find a hungry Gonzalo and Anklai with the sag wagon. We waited for about 5 minutes and then Dennis arrived followed by Tony.
A good ride all around.

Lessons I learned from this long ride:
. Stock up on "ready to eat meal" or snacks in the car. (this reminds me of Rico and his cooler full of cheese sticks, cookies and chilled drinks)
. Bring a spare key to your car and give it to one of the strong riders if you plan on doing a sweep so they can get to the food.

Guys to watch are Gonzalo and Dennis. Gonzalo did this ride on a heavy 6 speed steel bike while Dennis finished the whole ride with his new road bike. He said this is just his 3rd time on a road bike. WOW

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