Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mt. Diablo on the 15th of November

Mt Diablo 09

Posting it for Adolfo.
Will meet around 8:00 roll around 8:30 am.
Start at Safeway parking lot at Crow Canyon/San Ramon Valley Rd.
Who's up for a ride up Mt. Diablo on the 15th of November, Sunday(tentative date) I'm not available on the next three Sundays, and posting it early so give you guys time to stretch those climbing legs. We will climb up North Gate to summit and down to South Gate. more info will come.

Bikely map and cue sheet courtesy of BobbyG.
The Map

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Start at Safeway parking lot at Crow Canyon/San Ramon Valley Rd, will go north to San Ramon Valley blvd, Hartz Ave, Danville Blvd, R-Rudgear Rd, L- S Broadway, R-Civic Dr, R-Ignacio Valley Rd, R-Walnut Ave, R-Oak Grove Rd, L-N Gate, Summit, S Gate, R-Diablo Rd, L-Diablo Rd, L-Hartz Ave, San Ramon Valley, Safeway Parking Lot, I think total distance will be 45 miles. Will meet around 8:00 roll around 8:30 am.

Previous November Mt. Diablo rides:
November 16, 2008

November 4, 2007 and here are the pics from that ride.


Jack Ibagbaga (also known as) Batillog said...

Adolfo, I added the usual regroup points but please add any other regroup or lunch stop.

Adolfo said...

Thanks Jack for posting it, I think just add North Gate as the first regroup, which is about 15 miles from Safeway, about 1 hour or so. That first 15 miles is fairly flat route, which is a good way to warm up those legs. I will add more info if something I can think of or some questions our fellow riders will ask or request. Thanks again!

RHAYWARD said...

i m in with my bro in law

Adolfo said...

We are good to go on the 15th, this coming Sunday. No rain in the forecast. A little bit cold. We have to leave 8:30 sharp so riders want to go back home early can go back home early. Our estimate total riding hours, including regroups and chit-chats will be around 4-5 hours. See you guys there.

RHAYWARD said...

im stil in for sunday lets GO!!!